5 Ways To Spend More Time In Nature During Warmer Months

5 Ways To Spend More Time In Nature During Warmer Months

Now that Spring is in full swing, I’m feeling an itch to spend more time in nature. No matter what your daily life looks like, there are ways to spend time in the great outdoors. Even if you’re not a nomad traveling the globe, you can still get your nature fix in. 

Here are some easy ways to elevate your outdoor experience during the warmer months.

Eat Outside

No matter what your day looks like, one thing is for sure- you’re going to eat. Elevate your lunch (or any other meal) by taking your plate outside. When I was working 9-5 in the office, I made tried my best to make an effort to eat/walk outside during my lunch break. Although I didn’t work in the most scenic spot, I still enjoyed getting fresh air, taking a stroll through the parking lot, and feeling the sun on my skin.

Call a friend while you go on a walk

If want to add movement to your outdoor time, try adding a walk to your daily routine. Walking for even 30 minutes can dramatically improve your health. If you would like to exercise but struggle with it, calling a friend during your stroll can greatly improve the experience and help the time move faster. Once you associate it with fun conversation, it will be a lot more appealing and something that you will really look forward to.

Listen to a stream

Growing up, my childhood home had a stream that passed through the front yard. The sound of water rushing down a stream was extremely soothing and meditative. If you live nearby to water, take a quick trip to the water and practice self care by meditating next to it. Even watching the wave patterns can be extremely soothing.

Have intentional water time

This one goes allow with listening to a stream. Spending intentional time in water, whether it is in a body of water or in your kitchen sink, is very healing and grounding. Scientists have found that there are positive cognitive and physical benefits of being in, or even near, water. Water environments may lead to relaxation, stress relief, better brain health, and more.

I recently started visiting a local reservation after my therapy sessions. There is a beautiful lake there and I love taking my shoes off and putting my feet in the water. This is especially healing to me after therapy when I am feeling vulnerable.

Open a window

If you are absolutely unable to spend time outside during the day, you can still bring the outdoors in by opening a window. Feel the breeze and the sunlight on your skin by sitting near a window. Watching branches blow in the wind is a great way to recognize how the harmonic movements of nature can balance and ground you.

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