About Us

My passion for wellness started long before Love Is Essentials was ever even a thought. Ever since I was young I’ve had a passion for skincare and became fascinated with oil and it’s ability to transform my skin and make it more healthy and radiant. I loved the power of fragrance and its ability to, in a blink of an eye, transport me to a specific moment in time. Being the daughter of immigrants from Jamaica, I was always encouraged to adopt a more Caribbean approach to beauty and wellness, and use products that are natural and that contain minimal ingredients. As I experimented with skincare and fragrance, I learned more about which ingredients work best for me and started making my own products. I also learned about the toxic additives that are in the most accessible beauty products.

Living in an age of social media and constant pressure and comparison, I turned to wellness and spirituality to improve my mental health. I felt passionate about helping others practice mindfulness and I recognized my mission to help others live more mindfully and intentionally.

At Love Is Essentials, we believe in the power of mindfulness and its ability to make each moment sacred and poetic. From product names that invoke emotion, to labels adorned with poetry, we create a space where even your everyday products give you meaning. 

We believe that through stress, anxiety, and expectations, we as people begin to lose the radiance of who we are at the core. We begin to move on autopilot, as oppose to soaking up each incredible and irreplaceable moment that this life has to offer. With with proper intention, each moment can be sacred and healing. Connect with nature and rituals to connect back with yourself.

Thank you for being here!