Wellness Practices I've Been Loving

Wellness Practices I've Been Loving

Making wellness an everyday way of life is priority that can sometimes be tricky. With busy schedules and unprecedented plans, it can be difficult to not only make a wellness routine, but stick to it. I summed up some of my favorite wellness practices that are easy, effective, and can squeeze into your daily life no matter where it takes you.

Eye Rinsing

Feel refreshed in the morning by rinsing your eyes. We tend to care for our face, while skipping over our eyes. Splash your face and open your eyes with cool water. Blink and look clockwise and then counterclockwise, moving your eyes. This is a simple, yet effective way to exercise your eyes and maintain eye health.


One thing I love about aromatherapy is that it does all the work for you. Unlike meditation or practices that require your attention, aromatherapy will relax you and take you to a place of zen on its own. Roll your essential oil roll on of your choice on your wrists and pulse points and allow the fragrance to work its magic on you.

Praying (or giving thanks) Before A Meal

We all have to eat throughout the day, so why not take some time to make it intentional. Prayer before a meal will bring you to a place of grace and gratitude. Take 30 seconds before eating to give thanks for your body and your food.

Pro tip: But your phone away while you eat to make the meal even more special.

Wellness practices don't have to be difficult. Soon you will find that simple, intentional practices can shift your entire mindset.

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